Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Blog: Angles of Dorkness

Hi all, just putting up a notice that I'm starting yet another army-related blog, this time for my Dark Angels army: Angles of Dorkness. I didn't want to water down one blog with three different armies, and yes that does mean I will probably start up a Tau blog at some point down the line when they get their comeuppance!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Play the Game

Farseer Fail, reporting from the webway once more!

I was recently invited to join the Warrior Lodge segment of the Independent Characters’ podcast. Alongside JR and Ken we discussed – among other things – flyers and their effect on the game, pro and con.

Since the advent of 6th edition, I’ve been nonplussed by what I’ve seen of both the public (internet) reaction to the new rules and the support of those rules in the tournament community. Practically everywhere you look, particularly at tournaments, fortifications are disallowed or represented only by the Aegis Defense Line, while flyers are becoming more prevalent across the board. Similarly, most TOs won’t allow Allies lists, for whatever reason.

This is stupid.