Friday, January 20, 2012

Imperial Armour 11, Part 5: Special Characters for the Eldar

Imperial Armour 11 introduces new Special Characters for the Eldar, namely Bel-Annath, the Farseer of Mymeara and Irillyth, the Shadow Spectre Phoenix Lord.

Described as the most warlike farseer of his craftworld, Bel-Annath is no slouch for a psyker. He has a higher WS than usual and some unique rules, but nothing too outrageous. For 175 points, he brings you everything you would expect; Spirit Stones, Runes of Witnessing and three psychic powers (Eldritch Storm, Fortune, Mind War). He also brings the Sundered Spear, a Witchblade with a single-use missile weapon; a Strength 5, AP2 flamer attack. Ouch!

The venerable seer also has the Stubborn USR and confers it to any unit of infantry within 12". Interesting!

He also allows you to use a modified Force Organization Chart (players choice); the modified FOC allows for only 2 Elites and 4 Troops, but opens up an additional Heavy Support slot, for a total of four.

Overall this is not a stellar character, but flavorful and does allow you to use an extra Heavy (the Heavy Support containing many of the sweetest choices in the codex).

I go back and forth on Shadow Spectres. Even with the new rules included in this book, they seem like a very finicky unit to use. He gets all the Shadow Spectre special abilities and gear in addition to standard Phoenix Lord fare. The things that make him unique are his weapon, the Spear of Starlight, which counts as a prism blaster with three shots instead of one, plus it counts as a power weapon. Note that the extra shots do not contribute toward the Ghostlight ability...

This new fella seems to be in line with the other Phoenix Lords, except for price. At 225 points I would probably only use him and his disciples in very large games over 2000 points, though I might consider him for a Spearhead game. He's got a wicked awesome model, though, and that counts for a lot if you are a fan of the Forgeworld product line.

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