Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I admit it, I fell of the wagon. I've got several posts in the works but they've all grown into monsters and need to be edited or parsed out. In lieu of my usual high-quality content, I'll simply update you with what I've been doing offline, 40k-wise:

I received my copy of Path of the Seer on Monday, which has been soaking up a fair amount of my free time this week. I also recently read The Purge of Kadillus and Helsreach. One of the monster articles I'm working on for this blog involves all three books and more besides.

The Ebay bug bit me, and bit hard. Over the last month I've picked up a Venerable Dread, a Forgeworld Dark Angels Venny Dread, some chainfists for my Termies - and a Windrider Host box. Man oh man I love the Windrider Host! They are so rare but so totally worth it when they do pop up as they usually go for a song.

I've also been selling some stuff on Ebay as a way of generating a little filthy lucre for my plastic habit. I snatched up FOUR Space Marine Assault Spearheads earlier this summer off of Craigslist and have been scavenging, trading and selling the contents thereof. Go check out my listings if you're interested...

Speaking of the Assault Spearhead; what a weird box. It's definitely one of those big-box sets that makes you wonder what the marketing guys were smoking. It's also one of the few box sets out of which you can't build a street legal army! Pedro Kantor, Cato Sicarius, Sergeant Telion, Sergeant Chronus, 5 Vanguard Vets, 5 Sternguard Vets, 3 scout bikes, a thunderfire cannon and a drop pod. Hmmm, what's missing? Oh yeah, Troops!

I've made bugger-all progress on the Dark Angels. I tried making my own chainfists out of spare power fists and chainswords, and it is quite doable. Still, buying them up for 3 bucks a pop on Ebay is quicker and easier.

So there you are. This summer has been a busy one and I'm really looking forward to finding some more free time for the Hobby!

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