Friday, November 11, 2011

The New Necrons in Spearhead

Back to every hater's favorite expansion! With all the talk about Necrons in the GW-verse, from model critiques to list-analysis, let's not forget the application of the new codex to Spearhead!

Well now, where to begin? The options may seem limited, at first, what with Monoliths being the only 'Tank' unit in the codex, but there's gold in them thar hills, people!

Armoured Spearhead - Monolith.

Gee. 14 armor, Living metal AND a 5+ invuln save? Not bad...

Ambush Spearhead - Monolith, Triarch Stalker.

Hey, did I mention that monoliths don't have a transport capacity? Okay, giving monoliths a cover save may be problematic, but if you game in a setting with sufficient LOS-blocking terrain, this formation is your oyster! Heck, if you can work a 3+/4+ cover save for your monoliths, it even beats the Armoured Spearhead gag!

Even the model-less Triarch Stalkers get some love here. There's nothing like getting a bonus to your cover save while your heavy flamer ( or heat ray in this case) grants the enemy none. A niche use, but still worth contemplating.

Mechanized Assault Spearhead - Catacomb Command Barge, Ghost Ark, Night Scythe, plus transportable units.

This would appear to pair nicely with Imotekh; sieze 1st turn on a 4+, Outflank the formation  in wherever needed, and hilarity ensues. The Night Scythe would be a good option for this use; regardless of the Outflank roll, allowing you to put them pretty much anywhere on turn 1. Or zip in 12 inches, disembark and pepper the enemy flank with fire from both the Scythe and its passengers. Ouch.

Tank Hunter Spearhead - Monolith, Triarch Stalker.

Again, more love for the monoliths and Triarch Stalker. Hmm, who wouldn't want +1 to AP with their big guns?

Archeotech Spearhead - Monolith, Triarch Stalker.
HA! 'Archeotech'... that's rich! I'd think that after a 60 million year nap the Necrons would pretty much DEFINE archeotech, but hey who am I to judge. For all I know there's another race being cooked up at GW that's 100 million years old!

+1 S to your Particle Whip and Flux Arcs is 'meh', but the Stalker? Try out S9 AP1 Melta on any vehicle, or a S6 AP4 flamer if you want to knock out some hard boyz quickly. Even the alternate weapons for the Stalker look good with +1 Strength...

Outrider Spearhead - Annihilation Barge, Catacomb Command Barge, Doom Scythe, Doomsday Ark, Ghost Ark, Monolith, Night Scythe, Triarch Stalker.

Wow, I see lots of room for shenanigans in this formation. Where to begin? The most obvious trick involves protecting a Spearhead Leader with Quantum Shielding by assigning penetrating hits on them to the guard vehicles, but I'm sure that a clever general can come up with even more tricky ways to exploit this formation...

Skyfall Spearhead - Annihilation/Catacomb Command Barge, Doom Scythe, Doomsday Ark, Ghost Ark, Monolith, Night Scythe.

One of the better options for Necrons in Spearhead. That is a large list of vehicles that will be able to deep strike in and deliver punishing amounts of fire on the side armor of any target. The barges look good since due to their small size they will be easier to place via deep strike than the larger gunships, and the following vehicles will not scatter. But really, there are no losers in this formation.

Monstrous Spearhead - C'tan shard, Canoptek Spyder

Oh me oh my, pudding and pie! Five C'tan shards. Can you hear me laughing? Can you? No. Because you are already dead! Yes I said five; this is due to the restriction on unique C'tan powers. Which of the 11 C'tan powers would you choose to omit? Still laughing!

Alternately, you could bring a large mob of Spyders to serve as a rolling vehicle support squadron, cranking out scarabs, repairing vehicles and nullifying targeted psychic powers. Lovely!

Mass Attack Spearhead - Warriors and Immortals

Strength 7 grenades and ATSKNF. Blah blah blah. Nice, but nothing impressive.

Seek & Destroy Spearhead - Catacomb Command Barge, Doom Scythe, Night Scythe, Tomb Blades.

A well-defined spearhead formation. Again nothing too surprising here.

Linebreaker Spearhead - Monolith

Long story short; 3 monoliths, one S10 AP2 10" apocalyptic blast and a very good chance you will be able to pull this off every turn, given the defensive qualities of the monolith.

Skystorm Spearhead - Catacomb Command Barge, Ghost Ark, Night Scythe

One of my favorite spearheads. Load up your Ghost Arks, zip 36", disembark, shoot everything AND assault (if there's anything left).

Destroyer Spearhead - Annihilation Barge, Doomsday Ark, Doom Scythe, Canoptek Spyder, Monolith.

All members of this formation get to shoot all their guns once before the start of the game. Three Doomsday Cannons. Three Death Rays and Tesla Destructors. Three Particle Whips and Flux Arcs. The fun goes on and on!

So what hidden tactics can you exploit using the necron codex in Spearhead games? Any thoughts?

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