Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Imperial Armour 11, Part 3: Other New Units

In the last article I talked about Shadow Spectres, Warp Hunters and Hornets. This time around I'll be covering the Wasp Assault Walker and Wraithseers before moving on to the revised material from the Doom of Mymeara.

Wasp Assault Walker
Two important changes were made to this unit. First, the new rules for the Wasp restrict its availability to only the Corsair Army list, rather than the Craftworld Eldar army list. Second, the Jump Jets rule has been significantly changed. The new version of the rule allows the walkers to move as jump infantry, and allows them to make another 12" move during the shooting phase as if they were a skimmer, ignoring terrain. They lose the ability to assault if they do so, but gain a 5+ cover save until their next turn.

I haven't reviewed the Assault Walker experimental rules before, but I'd give them a solid 6 out of 10 if you're running Corsairs. As a mobile fire base they are pretty hard to beat. 

Enter the mighty wraithseer. Love the model, but I'm ho-hum on the rules. While having a 2nd HQ who is a wraithlord with psychic powers is pretty awesome, one of these bad boys is going to run you over 200 points, and his abilities are primarily meant to reinforce Wraithguard and Wraithlords (expensive units in their own right), meaning you won't be seeing these in a tournament-sized army list.

Changes to the Wraithseer include reducing the cost of all their missile weapons and some modifications to their psychic powers. The wraithspear now adds +1 to Vehicle Damage Chart rolls but loses the 'wounds on a 2+' ability. Overall, it's still an interesting choice for a themed army, and I'm sure that it would fit nicely in an Iyanden list.

On a side note, while taking Yriel as your first HQ choice would be the correct thematic choice, I would be hard-pressed to choose him over Eldrad. Just think of the fun you could have running either one of them across the board with a 10-model wraithguard squad getting Fortune, Guide and Feel No Pain. Ugh!

Other Changes

Most of the alterations made to existing vehicles and units in the Doom of Mymeara derive from the fact that the Corsairs are a fast-moving, shooty army. For example, the Corsair Falcon grav tank is a dedicated transport with BS 4 rather than a Heavy choice. The same is true of the Night Spinner (which is a Fast Attack choice for Corsairs). In fact, everything in the Eldar section of the book is BS4 or higher.

Next up, the Corsair Army list itself...

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