Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Game of Sixth Edition

Yesterday I had my very first run at 6th Edition on the table top. Carl came over to hang out with us and we ran through a quick 1500 game. I brought my Deathwing foot list and he brought his Ultramarines.

Wow, what a different game! We played a 'simple' game of Crusade using the long board edges, but spent a large amount of time looking up rules. Long story short, it was looking pretty bad for Ultra until turn 6, when shotgun scouts managed to blow away my last two terminators claiming the center objective! Noooooo!

It's actually been quite a while since I had that much fun in a game. I don't think I'm going to miss 5th edition much...

Vehicles took a face-punch in 6th. I was able to glance two speeders and a vindicator to death very quickly. And my oh my my Deathwing were pretty much fearless (that's a joke), since there were very few AP2 weapons on the table. This made me a little cocky, I admit.

First Q for the next FAQ: Can an IC locked in a challenge use 'Look Out, Sir' to avoid a wound? We couldn't find anything in the rules to prevent it!

Looking forward to my next game - and the Dark Angels codex release!

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