Monday, April 20, 2015

GW Must Be Reading My Blog

Whenever I think I'm about to hit a stride on this thing, for the last 6 months or so anyway, some new Eldar thing comes out of left field and derails me.
By now, you already know that there is a new Eldar codex out there. Internet rumor mills are in full whirl, with scanned pages and rules dumps being posted daily.

I'm not going to get into a rant here about the generally negative opinions of the new codex because the trolling, the whining, the drama really don't appeal to me at all.

I'm also not going to get into the assumptions and half-rules that have been posted out of context. I'll believe it when I see it myself in print.

So. Positivity!

Serpent Shield

...has been downgraded to One Use Only. Good. It was OP. It was wonderful, it was smashy and broken and cringeworthy and I'm glad its gone.


Upgrades upgrade upgrades! Wow, I did not see this coming. I hope the point cost of the wraithknight will go up to reflect the D-weapons and Gargantuan Monstrous Creature abilities!

"Flat" Aspects.

Finally. FINALLY! At long last it appears that the exarch's and phoenix lords' abilities will be more in line with the abilities and roles of their respective aspects. This has been needed since before 3rd edition and one of my number one peeves about the army.


I don't know what the whining is about. Don't use them if you don't like them. Use the FOC. Seriously, just shut up already. I'm looking forward to free weapons platforms and/or special weapons.

There isn't much more to say at this point. I like all the new models, though I'm overloaded on autarchs at the moment. And I'm sincerely very thankful that I won't have to break out the razor saw to convert seers and warlocks to jetbike riders. Whew!

It's all good, folks! Don't sweat it.

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