Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Farseer Fail's Wishdex, part 2: Elites

Last time around I posted my list of recommendations for the next revision of Eldar HQs. This time I'm addressing the coveted Elite spots.

Fire Dragons
Ah fire dragons... I love them and I hate them. They frequently fail me when I need them most. That being said, there really isn't anything I would change about them. The Exarch is a real winner, though I've never found occasion to use the dragon's breath flamer. Both of the Exarch upgrade powers fit nicely into the Fire Dragons' main purpose. No changes.

I don't think I would change this unit either. The weakest link in the unit's options would be the Death Jester, but I suppose I'm biased; I really like the old Citadel Journal test-codex for harlequins. Bio-explosive ammunition, heheh!

Howling Banshees
In 5th edition I rarely feel the need to field banshees. Even so there's little need to alter them. They are excellent at what they do, and the Exarch equipment and power options once again feed into the main purpose of the unit. War Shout may be a bit iffy - I don't think I've ever heard of anyone using it to great effect, and even if it did, dropping an enemy from WS 4 to WS 1 only means that the banshees will be hitting on 3+ instead of 4+.

<edit> Instead of the WS-altering ability, why not make War Shout into Furious Charge? Essentially all they are getting out of the deal is +1 Strength, but that is enough to make facing a charge by these dead-sexeh ladiez a truly frightening prospect. 

Striking Scorpions
Simple: Outflank in a transport. Otherwise, no changes.

Here we go... GET RID OF WRAITHSIGHT. Wraithsight might have been an effective balancing handicap in 4th edition, but in the current milieu, it's crippling. Wraith units are mechanical constructs animated by the souls of dead Eldar interred in spirit stones. Spirit stones are also used to man vehicles; they don't have to make wraithsight rolls to avoid Crew Stunned.

The wraithcannon, on the other hand, is excellent, as is their basic statline.


  1. One thought for Harlequins would be to make Kisses cause Instant Death and give the whole unit Rending.
    Points would need to be re-jigged a bit, but they'd be a whole lot more killy against armoured foes.

    For Fire Dragons imagine giving them a choice between a meltagun or a (heavy?) flamer - they'd be a lot more versatile and still keep in theme.

  2. Eldar? Versatile? Doesn't that break some biblical commandment somewhere?

    Seriously though, I don't think Aspect Warriors should be broadened in scope - with the possible exception of Dire Avengers. It's strange enough that so many Exarchs and PLs have abilities that don't jive with their own followers' abilities.

    It would be like giving the psyker-hating Space Wolves a bunch of ridiculous psychic abilities. Oh snap!

  3. I agree with you about the lack of Synergy between PLs, Exarchs and units - a hangover from older editions methinks. It's why I was thinking flamers for the Dragons, as you mentioned his flamer option above, but why take it when everyone else has meltaguns?
    Maybe if two out of every five could take flamers of some sort (if S5 they can still harm AV11), it'd make the units much more interesting, but still keep the tank-killers theme.

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  5. Fire dragons are great as they are - which leads me to believe the nerf stick is coming - changing fusion guns to 12" heat lances? very eldary (i.e. not quite as good as marines)

    Harlequins are great as they are - and they've been recently 'confirmed' in the DE list so wouldn't expect any changes.

    Banshees are perfect candidates for furious charge - fits in with the fluff and would make them more attractive.

    Wraithguard - so expensive, would a 5+ invulnerable out of the question? Also Wraith cannons (and all d weaponry) really ought to be AP1. Ripping a hole in reality ought to make a mockery of armour. Sure a squad of 5 getting a pemn against a landraider sounds ok, but 1 pen against a light speeder squadron isn't so appealing, so that pen needs to do some damage.

    Oh, and all assault troops ought to have at least the option of anti armour grenades of some sort (haywire would be great).