Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kublacon Jitters and the 11th hour list review...

Hi all! Kublacon is coming up in ew like 4 days now, right? How did I do on my hobby progress? Not so hot. Based on some playtesting (primarily against orks but with one game vs. a Vulkan list), I'm really feeling the lack of melee units in my army list.

I'm strongly fighting the urge to scrap my "Mech/Bike Seer Council" list entirely and fall back on my list from the previous year. Why's that, you ask?

My current list is as follows:
2 fire prisms
2 units of 5 dire avengers in brightlance-mounted wave serpents
2 units of 5 fire dragons in starcannons-mounted wave serpents
3 war walkers with starcannons
Jetbike seer council:
  • Jetbike farseer: Guide/Fortune
  • 3 jetbike warlocks: Destructor
  • 1 jetbike warlock: Embolden
  • 1 jetbike warlock: no psychic power

While the army has plenty of shooting with lots of AP2 fire power and several methods for getting rid of heavy armor, it has almost no melee punch. The Seer Council only works in that regard if you can whittle the target unit down to a level where the seers can wipe the unit out in a single turn. Once they get stuck in, that's it.

With no real dedicated assault units, I have to combine resources to take out imminent melee threats in case running away is not an option. The primary unit I'm concerned about here is the ubiquitous assault terminator.

Thunderhammer/Storm Shield termies are everywhere these days, not just in Vulkan lists. The FAQ for marine codices has brought Deathwing back into play, and I'm sure it's been utilized by BT players everywhere too. A 3+ invuln save is nothing to sneeze at! While starcannons all over the place gets around the 2+ armor save, is it really worth an additional 10 points per gun for that extra 16% chance to get around a save?

My current thinking is to drop starcannons in favor of scatter lasers on the war walkers and missile launchers on the wave serpents. This will give me the ability to deal with horde units more effectively and frees up another 70 points in the list, which I can put into things like equipping my no-power warlock with Enhance or another Destructor.

There has been one lucky development on one front; it appears that the importance of painting has been downgraded a bit for Kubla. This works for me because my Seer Council is far from complete.


  1. in answer to your question on star cannons - I'd say no.. Against assault termies you're paying an extra 10 points for absolutley no bonus whatsoever (yes they're using a 3 up, but you've got two less shots than the scatter laser). Scatterlaser also beats the star cannon against marines in cover and hordes (and of course is twice as effective agionst vehicles)... and it's cheaper!
    Only time a star cannon comes into it's on these days is against BA assault bad boys as they don't like cover (difficult terrain) and that ap2 removes their FnP.

    No night spinners at all?

  2. I'm afraid I have to pass on the night spinners, this time around. While fun, I think I need the extra fire options granted by running two fire prisms. But I will be cracking those bad boys out for the next Spearhead game I play. Oh yeah!