Monday, May 27, 2013

So, That There Must Be the New Eldar Codex

So yeah. Wow! Been a long while since I've posted anything Eldar (or Tau, or Dark Angels for that matter) but that's because they've ALL received new codices in the last couple months.


First off, I've been focusing on the Dark Angels, grabbing time whenever I can to paint them up and develop a workable list. 

Second, in between painting sessions I've been riffling the pages of the Tau and man oh MAN do I like what I see! I'm not so captivated by Voltron or the new flyers, but I'm very interested in building a more infantry based list. 

Third, Eldar. Picked up the latest White Dwarf and went through it yesterday.

I must have missed out on the whole giant robot fanboy thing as a kid. I mean, I watched Battle of the Planets and Voltron like any red-blooded American (uh) kid! I had a shipping crate packed with whatever Micronauts or Shogun Warriors I could get my hands on, but the mystique must have faded through time. I must be the only sub-fifty year old dude on the West Coast who isn't falling all over himself about Pacific Rim. 

No, look, seriously I'm not complaining! Everything I hear about the wraithknight is good. Yes, it will fold to massed poison/sniper fire but while it's being pinged to death it will be pumping out 3 suncannon shots every turn. That will leave a mark! 

I'm more smitten with the flyers.

And if what I hear is true, an across-the-board bump from BS3 to BS4 is outstanding!

And Battle Focus!

And one of the best parts of this whole thing is that the only things I might have to buy (besides the codex) are the new models, since I've got like 10K points of Eldar in the garage. 


Life is good indeed.

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