Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Eldar Thunks

So now that the Eldar dex has made the rounds, and the webnards have pored over it, consumed it, digested upon it and propounded "I AM THE ONE TRUE 40K GROGNARD AND I SAY THIS!" and the netlisting and other animal grunting noises have been flapped unto the masses... here's what I'm thinking about today.

Scatter Laser (Laser Lock)
This appears - to me - to be the one truly all-purpose secondary weapon for our big gunships. Yes, wraithlords (eh) and absolutely yes wraithknights (not interested), but FALCONS. FALCONS and WAVE SERPENTS!

Others have already pointed out the value of the following loadout on your transports:
Twin-linked Scatter Laser
Shuriken Cannon upgrade
Serpent Shield (shooty mode)

And I must admit it is awesomeness. And while this will chomp through most types of units with the shuriken cannon mini-rending on a 6 and the serpent shield ignoring cover, it also appears to me to be a decent stand-in anti-aircraft tank.

The falcon loadout would be similar:
Pulse laser
Scatter Laser
Shuriken Cannon upgrade

All granting you (quite likely) 2 S8 shots and 7 S6 shots. The balance of those will be twin-linked, regardless of what you're shooting at. 

It's almost sad for me to say this, but the Corsair list from Imperial Armour 11 is almost lackluster by comparison. Hopefully Forgeworld will FAQ it soon to bring costs/definitions in line with the main book.

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