Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Corsair HQs: Void Dreamer or Corsair Prince?

Getting ready for my big once-per-year gaming weekend and I'm mulling over my choices. I don't know what games of 40K I'll be playing, what point size or against whom. The only certainty is that there will be 3+ armor saves involved somewhere. CSM, GK, IG, Vanilla and Tyranids are all on the menu. It's a pretty limited metagame, but not one that's too far outside the norm, so who do I pick as my default HQ choice?

Void Dreamer

The Void Dreamer is a farseer-lite. His psychic powers don't thrill me and his wargear choices are odd to say the least. The most interesting choices are the webway gate, the gyrinx, and the neural shredder which, while all are conditionally good, are all upgrades, bringing his price up.

The thing I'm really missing here are Runes of Warding. This is really the only game going against heavy psyker armies like GK, other Eldar and some chaos builds. To me this is a deal-breaker. I'll be passing on the Void Dreamer at anything under 2000 points.

Corsair Prince

This guy is gold in my book. With a nearly standard Autarch statline and decent wargear choices, I'll bring one of these to a knife- or a gun-fight.

Why? Well, let's look at what he gets just out of the box; for 100 points you get the aforementioned statline with sixes in WS, BS and Initiative. You also get two special abilities; Sky Raiders and Void Strike. Sky Raiders allows him to confer Deep Strike on any three units of his choice. Think about that for a minute... are you with me? Sure, most of this army has ample Deep Strike ability already, but what about the units that don't?

How much fun can you have with Deep Striking harlequins? Or Fire Dragon Outcasts? Or a pod of Wraithguard to wreak havoc on the enemy's back line? It can also save you points in smaller games, since you won't have to buy Corsair Jet Pack upgrades for units you wish to drop into action. This ability is a sleeper, folks.

Void Strike allows you to pick one of three different one-use abilities; either a a S9, AP2, Ordnance 1, 5" blast attack with Lance, or a S4, AP5, Ordnance 1, Pinning attack with a variable blast radius of 7" to 12", OR you may put Night Fighting into effect for one turn. That's versatility for you, allowing you to shape the battlefield, and that's what Eldar need.

From there it just gets better, since the Prince has the pick of some of the best equipment from both the Eldar and Dark Eldar codices. He's a Swiss Army Knife with pointy ears. From space!

Yup, it's pretty much a no-brainer for me; Corsair Prince all the way!

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