Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quick Update from the Western Front (Dundracon)

Got my first game in today running Corsairs. I made lethally bad choices during deployment against Space Wolves which ultimately cost me the game but I did get enough time at the table to learn the following:

  1. Warp Hunters ROCK! Even the thunderwolf cavalry were petrified of those big D-cannon blasts. Even when they managed to close the distance I was able to reposition and made ample use of the Aether Rift fire mode to decimate a few units. 
  2. Even at BS4, falcons are pricey. 
  3. Corsair squads aren't bad at all. 
  4. I really like the Corsair Prince. 
  5. Sometimes even moving 36 inches isn't enough. 
The list I ran today consisted a Corsair Prince (Force Shield, Power Weapon, Fusion Pistol), a squad of 3 wraithguard (with Deep Strike courtesy of the prince), 4 harlequins and a Shadowseer (2 fusion pistols, all with harlequins kiss), two identical Corsair squads (5 strong, 1 fusion gun, 1 felarch with power weapon/fusion pistol, dedicated Falcon with EML, shuriken cannon, holo fields and spirit stones, and one with Deep Strike courtesy of the prince), a Nightwing interceptor, and two Warp Hunters (Holo Fields, Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon).

My opponent was running two squads of Thunderwolves, equipped for wound-allocation shenanigans, along with a Rune Priest, 3 tac squads in rhinos and another in a drop pod. He flavored the units with wulfen and wolf guard for extra spice.

We rolled Seize Ground and Dawn of War and he won choice of first turn, passing it me.  After deployment he tried and failed to sieze the initiative.

Things went okay for the first part of the game. I put my Wasp assault walkers forward to push the Wolves' deployment back. Behind them stood a falcon containing a small corsair squad and the Corsair Prince.

I was able to put the D-cannon pie plates close to where I wanted them and ate through a number of tac marines that way. Unfortunately my reserves (Nightwing, Falcon w/ corsairs, wraithguard) didn't come up until turn 3, at which point the wolves were upon me.

I had my usual problems putting wounds on models, and unfortunately when the Nightwing made its entrance, there were very few open positions on the board for it to move to in order to avoid melta guns and assaults. Nonetheless I was able to keep it alive until turn 6.

In this game the main problem really was numbers; I was being outnumbered by Space Wolves. I suppose I could have gone all-reserves and played the sneaky-shooty-runny-hidey game, but I'll try that out next time. For now, it's on to a night and morning of D&D!

More anon!

And gosh, how could I forget this? This a.m. I dropped in on the Dundracon 40k Tournament and got to press the flesh with Geoff of the Independent Characters, some of the Imperial Voxcast folks, Blood of Kittens and the Mighty Reecius of Footdar fame! I'm all bedazzled by celebrities and stuff!

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