Monday, February 13, 2012

Dundracon Ho!

Dundracon is coming up at the end of the week! This year I'll be doing something a little different.

Normally I join the 40k tournament - usually organized by the folks who run Da Grand Waaaaagh, but this year being run by Geoff from the Independent Characters podcast and their partner podcast the Imperial Voxcast. I will be sure to drop by and check it out and I strongly suggest you attend it if you'll be there yourself, but...

I'll be sitting this one out. The reasons are multi-fold.

First among them, I usually attend this convention with a bunch of old friends. Over the years we've married, kidded-up, moved and moved again, but over the past twenty-plus years we have always managed to come together for this convention and,  our mongrel horde assembled, we sequester ourselves in a private suite with a truckload of booze, munchies, and air fresheners for a solid 3-day weekend of Dungeons and Dragons. Frequently we'll play our "Old High Level Game", a campaign setting that's been around since the early 80s, but we have four or five different campaigns to choose from, as well as various board games and card games to fall back on when energy flags.

For some of these visiting friends this might be the only time I see them during the year, so missing an entire day to play 40k (and that night, since I'm always brain-dead after a tourney) is not the right thing to do.

Second - and this is no ding on any particular tournament or anything but more like me bemoaning the luck of the draw with publishing schedules - I'm sick of tournaments right now. My armies consist of Eldar, Tau and Dark Angels, all stuck in 4th edition, and I'm just tired of being outcodexed by the latest tourney build. As my armies fall farther and farther behind the technology curve, I've had progressively less fun at organized games.

Instead, a few of my buddies and I will be running our own little impromptu 3-game campaign, with the possibility of some pick-up action. For this setting I'll be using Corsairs of some stripe, though the Deathwing will probably make an appearance too.

I was quite curious to see Bigred's corsair lists which were posted the other day on BoLS, and I think he came up with some interesting ideas there. I for one, will be making full use of my Nightwing wherever possible, from now on. I'll be posting some of the results of these games after the Con.

So if you're going to Dundracon, maybe I'll see you there!

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