Monday, January 26, 2015

Craftworld Fáil: Princes of War (Part 2)

Nuada's sons each represent a unique play style. Here I'll give a similar breakdown of their rules and cost, both a by-the-book build and a more customized approach for each.

Lugh the Long-Handed
Lugh's stat line follows that of another Autarch. As such it's easy enough to build him out: 

Autarch with Eldar Jetbike, Banshee Mask, Fusion Gun, Laser Lance/Shard of Anaris - 150 points.

Lugh was known to be skilled with the spear and a great horseman, as well as being renowned for his mastery of pretty much every skill you can put a name too. To top it off he was universally well-liked. I can't think of a better place or use for him than leading a valiant squad of Shining Spears across the table!


Daghda fits the mold of either Farseer or Spiritseer, but for the purpose of a more generic build, let's start with a Farseer (more on his Spiritseer build in a later post). 

Farseer with Runes of Warding and Witnessing, Singing Spear, Spirit Stone of Anathlan - 145 points.

This gives you a level 3 psyker who can still rock and roll in cc. The Spirit Stone of Anathlan is a decent stand-in for the Cauldron of Daghda.  I think the Witch Staff is more in keeping with the club used by Daghda in the Celtic myths, but I can get back to that in the custom builds.


Elatha's domain lies solidly in that of the Corsairs. 

Corsair Prince with Fusion Pistol, Void Sabre, Force Shield, Balelight, Meltabombs -  160 points. 

The back story on Elatha in Celtic mythology is pretty sparse and even contradictory between sources. Thus I'm using him as generic threat. Elatha's fluff background fits him into the mold of a crusader or terrorist - whatever it takes to bring the fight to the "human threat." His obsessive hatred for the Imperium and lack of discipline in the Path system makes his very presence disruptive to the psychically-attuned eldar. Thus I'm planning to make him operate without the benefit of psychic support on the battlefield.

Eventually, each one of these fellows will be getting a post of their own, in which I will detail their custom abilities, drawbacks and a potential point cost.

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