Thursday, January 22, 2015

The High Autarch Nuada of Craftworld Lia Fáil, Part 2

Now that we have the basics of Nuada down, let's see if we can figure out where his point cost should be and make a few final adjustments before play-testing. 

Nuada 6 6 3/5 3 3 6 2 10 3+/4++

Equipment: Fusion Gun, Shard of Anaris, Banshee Mask

Special Rules:
High Autarch - Nuada must be your warlord.

Path of Strategy - Modify your reserve rolls by +1 or -1, after rolling. Usable when Craftworld Eldar are present.

Sky Raiders - may nominate any 3 units to gain Deep Strike.

Void Strike - A one-use ability with 3 flavors, including a choice between two Planetary Bombardment-like Ordnance strikes or forcing Night Fighting for one turn.

Finding the Cost

When comparing Nuada to other similar characters, where does he fall? Yriel (another Autarch special character) is a close combat monster with Path of Strategy but only comes in at 140 points. Nuada's personal power rating doesn't stand up to Yriel's, by statline or equipment. His abilities augment the army he leads.

When compared to a similar corsair prince load-out at 145 points, Nuada edges him out with Path of Strategy and Battle Focus. Let's say 150 would be the lowest possible points cost for the High Autarch.

Eldrad weighs in at 205 and the Mymeara farseer character, Bel-annath, at a leaner 175 points, but they are both psykers, so different rules apply. Nuada is vaguely in line with Bel-Annath, so let's say the upper range for his cost would be in that area.

That gives Nuada a potential range of 150 to 175 points, with room for error. Now to find someone willing to playtest a few games against him with those rules, preferably with variable army lists.

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