Friday, January 23, 2015

Craftworld Fáil: Princes of War

The High Autarch of  Craftworld Fáil has produced three sons in his lifetime. These three often lead the Lia Fáil in Nuada's absence, and are as different from one another as any three eldar can be.

First a little fluff background on each, then in a following article we'll get into designing them for tabletop use.

Lugh the "Long Handed"

Lugh was born on the Biel Tan craftworld to Nuada and his first wife, Morrigha, and exemplifies the ritualistic, war-like ways of that craftworld. It is said that Lugh has walked every warrior path that Biel Tan had to offer, and found them wanting. Wandering far afield in his youth, he was drawn naturally to the Path of Command. He favors the Shining Spears aspect and frequently enters battle alongside them or other jetbike-mounted troops.

Lugh frequently serves as Nuada's primary military leader (Autarch) when Nuada himself is needed elsewhere. While he is a deft commander and makes full and prudent use of whatever his arsenal contains, he disdains the Dark Kin or even his father's corsair allies. He is a child of Biel Tan, through and through, eschewing even those kin following the Path of the Outcast.


Daghda is a seer, born upon the exodite world Nemed to his mother Macha, a warseer or "badb catha". Though he and Elatha share a mother, they could not be different in temperament. Dagdha took to the Path of the Seer at an early age, and serves the fledgling craftworld as its primary farseer.While he is an exodite and lacks the couth and refinement of a craftworld native, he more than makes up for that lack with his mental powers.

Daghda carries two potent artifacts; his personal Staff and Cauldron. He obtained them both while fighting within the Eye of Terror. The Staff of Daghda is a potent weapon capable of laying low multiple enemies with a single sweep. The Cauldron is a more subtle device that allows him to bolster those around him, even healing wounds and repairing wraithbone constructs with its abilities.


Elatha, the youngest of Nuada's sons, is Daghda's brother. Until the capture of Lia Fáil, he had never in his life set foot upon a craftworld, and it shows in his temperament. The most mercurial and bloodthirsty of the High Autarch's children, he is called the Dark Scion, for his demeanor is most like that of the Commoraghans. The more sensitive eldar shun him, for his emotional ways unbalance those around him. Aside from the Void Dreamers of the Night Shrike fleet, no eldar walking the path of the Seer can tolerate him, save perhaps his brother, and there is no love lost between his half-brother Lugh and himself. Some fear where Elatha's passions will lead him, while a few whisper that he is already lost to She Who Thirsts.

He leads the Night Shrikes in Nuada's name, and he is never more savage in his band's attacks than when humans are the target. He has made a name for himself amongst the monkeigh as a ruthless slayer of men, leaving nothing living behind in his lightning raids.

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